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Thirty one years after the first Bangladeshi graduate passed out from Soviet Educational establishment, BAAR was born on 19th June, 2009. The idea was mooted long time amongst the graduates, living and working permanently in Russia, but no concrete steps were made. 

The idea of forming an association of the alumni living permanently and working in Russia was first articulated by a group of active Bangladeshi graduates in late nineties. Ultimately, the visit of the SAAB delegation in October, 2008 gave a momentum to this idea of forming an Advisory Body for the BAAR. Finally the BAAR was formed in a General meeting on 19th June, 2009 and the Statutory Document of the Association was taken.

The BAAR was formed with full support of the ex-Ambassador of Bangladesh in Russia H.E. Mohamed Mijarul Quayes, now Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh and other members of the Bangladesh Embassy in Moscow. The present Ambassador H.E. Dr. S.M.Saiful Hoque, who is also a member of the BAAR, has extended his full support and assistance in fulfilling the mission of the BAAR.